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Lil BUB's Last Thanksgiving


My friends and I made this Thanksgiving video with BUB in 2019, and it was the last video I ever made with her she passed away only a few weeks later, and the pandemic took over the world a few months after that.

I don’t think I’ve watched it since I posted it three years ago, and watching it today really made me realize how a prepandemic life with BUB and a postpandemic life without her feel like two very different worlds, but it also reminded me of the things I’m so thankful for our friends, our family, our pets, and everyone that still keeps BUB’s memory alive.

BUB! You were a fantastic cat the essence of all that is truly good squeezed into a tiny little body. I am beyond thankful that something as pure as you existed in this world, and that I had the great fortune of having you in my life.

posted by celekehlh