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Lighting Hacks for Filming Interviews in Small Spaces

Damien Cooper

Luts, Presets and Production contracts: https://sellfy.com/monkeypixels
Check out our Merch: https://sellfy.com/monkeypixels/merch/
Favorite plugins: http://motionvfx.sjv.io/c/2245172/614...
Where we get our youtube music: http://share.epidemicsound.com/DZFq8
Where we get our commercial music: https://geni.us/eA5k
Best HighQuality stock footage: https://geni.us/81lSWy4

Flexible light mats:

Final Commerical (german):    • ❤ Akne Behandlung bei Dr. Delir ‍⚕...  

Our Gear to make Videos:
Zeapon Slider:
NA: https://geni.us/7zmg
EU: https://geni.us/sygPX
Main Camera: https://geni.us/FZ7XVx
B Camera: https://geni.us/XEeOjut
Favorite lens for the C300III:
NA: https://geni.us/Vdg5f
EU: https://geni.us/IXLSv
Favorite macro lens: https://geni.us/kWhS
Favorite top handle:
EU: https://geni.us/A8tc5Lo
NA: https://geni.us/TmqB
Monitor mount:
EU: https://geni.us/vtGXo
NA: https://geni.us/s62Jb9x
Shotgun Mic for interviews:
EU: https://geni.us/rFPUA
NA: https://geni.us/d7EX
Shotgun Mic for the R5:
Favorite monitor:
EU: https://geni.us/pB7X4Y
NA: https://geni.us/yUKpOJ
Best field recorder: https://geni.us/RVVlzqz
Awesome wireless mics: https://geni.us/hwqkU
Key light: https://geni.us/ECZs3cz
Easy to open softbox:
EU: https://geni.us/of3B
NA: https://geni.us/Mz9f
Pocket light:
NA: https://geni.us/KI4AC
EU: https://geni.us/v58LAEv
Gimbal: https://geni.us/pNXAAVF
Portable light:
EU: https://geni.us/7bMAjc
NA: https://geni.us/DJMt5
Softbox: https://geni.us/oV81
Best memory cards:
NA: https://geni.us/arI1R19
EU: https://geni.us/V94YM9

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