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Lego Train Cab Ride on 2 Bridges and Around The Pool!

AFOL & KFOL Bricks

We built a huge 190 m / 623 ft Lego train set in the garden and around the pool! Take a driver's view ride over the pool on two separate bridges, around a Lego fairground and all over the garden!

Lego sets featured in this video

City Express Train 60337
City Passenger Train 60197
Disney Train 71044
City Cargo Train 60052
Roller Coaster 10261
Loop Coaster 10303
Ferris Wheel 10247
Fairground Mixer 10244
Haunted House 10273

And a big shoutout to @DunksterBricks for his bridge tutorials, the bridge featured in our video Thumbnail was inspired on one of his designs!

Welcome to our channel. We love making LEGO videos of Train sets, video tutorials, and timelapse builds. Our track layouts keep getting bigger every time, so make sure to subscribe!

#legotrain #afol

posted by almacancinoux