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Lab tested animals find new homes in Santa Fe!

Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Yesterday we briefly welcomed some cute guests to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter!

Our friends at Beagle Freedom Project recently rescued and found homes for 34 dogs and 7 cats from an animal testing facility in Oklahoma.

These shy pups have never known anything outside of being poked and prodded in labs and our hearts are warmed knowing that their futures will now be full of love, treats, couches and compassion!

On their journey across the southwest, Beagle Freedom Project met four families here at your hometown shelter, who were waiting to take their new companions home.

Today, the remaining pups are all heading out to other homes across the southwest. Big shout out to Beagle Freedom Project for organizing these adoptions and helping to make the lives of animals better.

And if you're looking for a companion of your own, please consider adopting locally as our shelter continues to remain at full capacity. Head to to see who's looking for a home!

For more information about Beagle Freedom Project head to

posted by Tabellixr