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KURGO VEHICLE HAMMOCK REVIEW | How we Dog-Proof our Truck | Car Door Guards


This is our review of the Kurgo Wander Hammock and Car Door Guards. In no way are we affiliated or sponsored by them this is just our honest opinion of them.

We love our pets more than anything, but pet fur can be a real pain inside of a vehicle! It's almost impossible to vacuum it off of vehicle carpet 100%.

We just got a new lease vehicle (Chevy Silverado), so we had to move the stuff we use to protect the vehicle from the pets from the old truck to the new truck; so we decided to do a video explaining what we use. We use the Kurgo Wander Hammock and Kurgo door guards. The door guards keep our dogs scratchfree from their nails, and the hammock helps contain the dog fur, as well as increases the amount of room for the dogs to lay. We also bought a black, queensized flat sheet, as well as a black, twinsized fitted sheet for the truck. These items will keep our truck relatively dog furfree. Watch to see how we use the sheets to cover the back bench sheet, as well as cover all of the carpet in the truck!


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