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Korat Cats 101 : Fun Facts u0026 Myths

Kitten Life

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In today's video, we are going to talk about some interesting facts and myths about the Korat Cat.

As per the literature from Thailand’s Ayutthaya period, Korat cats have been described as:
"The hair is smooth with roots like clouds and tips like silver;
The eyes shine like dewdrops on a lotus leaf."

The Korat is a natural breed of cat. It is also one of the oldest cat breeds. The cat hails from Ampur Pimai in the Korat province of Thailand. It is named after a province named "Korat" by the local people.

Korat breed has its own unique history and characteristics that make them special. Many believe that these cats can charm their way into a cat hater’s heart. They are beloved of so many people that they were and are still considered to be harbingers of good luck, prosperity, and fertility.

Their distinct coat, vocalization, intelligence, ability to learn tricks, and the habit of following humans just like a dog has made them unique in their own kind.

Here are some interesting facts about Korat Cat.

1. Korat Cat's Appearance.

The Korat's color is actually a silverblue with a small to medium stocky or "cobby" body that looks like it is shimmering. The people of Thailand call the color "raincloud gray," and the shimmer "sea foam." It can be surprisingly heavy for its size. It is intelligent, active, playful, and likes to be with people.

This cat has one coat of fur that is short. The roots of the fur are a lighter silver blue. The sweet face of the Korat cat is heartshaped, with a thin chin and a broad, flat forehead in which arched eyebrows stand out, so the whole has such a characteristic shape. The color along the fur increases to a deeper blue and the tips are silver, especially on the muzzle and toes. This is the only color allowed for a Korat. The eyes are large and peridot green in an adult cat. Kittens have amber or goldengreen eyes which gradually change as they become adults, at two to four years.

Korats may rarely have some white markings or spots, or even pale gray stripes. Sometimes these spots increase in size as the cat gets older. These are flaws in the color, and these cats are not allowed in cat shows. Even though the color is wrong, they are still healthy cats.

2. Korat Cat's History.

The first time the Korat breed was written about in books was in a poem written in Thailand, between 1350 and 1767. The book is now in the national library in Bangkok. But the drawing of the Korat in this book did not have enough detail to positively say it is this breed. In more recent years, the Korat was pictured on a postage stamp in Thailand.

A Korat cat first appeared in Britain with the name "Blue Siamese" in 1889 and 1896. But these solid blue cats did not meet the cat show standards for a Siamese cat, so they disappeared by 19 01.

In the United States, a Korat first appeared in the 1950s. In 1959, Cedar Glen cattery was the first to import a pair of Korats to the U.S. for breeding. They were a male named Nara, and a female named Darra. This pair was then bred and later introduced to a few selfblue Siamese to avoid inbreeding to increase their number. This laid the foundation for the first American line of Korats. More Korats were imported to the U.S. in the following years. In 19 66, the Korat was first allowed to be shown for championship status, by a breeder from Maryland.

3. Korat Cat's Temperament.

The Korat is known for it’s affectionate and dominant nature. This cat craves attention and will require an owner that can dedicate the time for attention that they warrant. Not wanting to be alone for long periods, the Korat is notably a curious breed that likes to be engaged in whatever their owner is doing. Prospective owners should take this into consideration when looking at what cat breed may fit in with their family.

4. Korat Cat's Personality.

Korats are smart and highly opinionated cats, who like to be in charge. These cats prefer to be the ruler of the house, but they get along well along with dogs and children if their authority isn't questioned. Korats love to be around humans, and they can be quite possessive. They don't like being alone, so they'll do best with the companionship of humans or other pets.

These are energetic cats that love to play and exercise. However, although they love toys, they're not great at sharing, so make sure to have plenty of toys to go around. Korats are also highly intelligent. They love to learn and solve puzzles, so tricks or puzzle toys make a great way to keep them occupied.

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