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Kitty with the sweetest meows and purrs!

Raising Bengal Sisters

I love when Luna curls up like an adorable little cinnamon roll! The meows, purrs, and sweet looks make it all the better, but I just can't get over how pretty she looks!

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✤ Breed: Luna, the lighter kitty, is a stunning Snow Lynx Bengal    • FAQ About Our Pure Bred Snow Lynx Ben...   while Luxe, the darker girl, is a gorgeous Silver Bengal.
✤ Relationship: They are litter mates who have been inseparable since birth! Watch the video of the day we brought them home!:    • Reality of Bringing Home TWO Bengal C...   Born on August 1st, 2022, we brought them home at 12 weeks old, on November 3rd, 2022.
✤ About Bengals: Originating from California, USA, Bengal cats are a unique breed developed in the 1970s by Jean Mill. They're a fascinating cross between an Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat, although modern breeding primarily involves domesticated Bengals.
✤ Eye Color: Luxe's eyes will remain green, while Luna's mesmerizing blue eyes are a signature trait of Snow Lynx Bengals.

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