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Kittens Meet Uncle Buster for the First Time!

Maine Coon Kittens

It's time for Maine Coon kittens Galileo, Isaac, Ada, Alfred and Leonardo to meet Uncle Buster, the biggest cat in the house!
What will Buster do when he enters their room and how will the kittens react to the big Maine Coon?

For more videos with my Maine Coons, take a look at my other channel:
   / @maine_coon_adventures  

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0:00 Get Ready for Uncle Buster, Kittens!
1:05 1st Kitten Galileo
2:19 2nd Kitten Isaac
3:48 3rd Kitten Ada
5:25 4th Kitten Alfred
6:51 5th Kitten Leonardo
8:36 Uncle Buster Can Finally Rest!

posted by chrisrainfiedcu