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Kitten to Cat super fast time lapse

Warren Photographic

Time lapse of silver tabby Maine Coon cat, Freya, growing from kitten to adult over a period of 10 months. Photos taken about 2 or 3 days apart to begin with, increasing to 10 to 15 days by the end. She was two days old at the start.

I tried to get her to sit in the same position for each photo but as you can see it didn't quite work out like that. That's cats for you! The end result was way too jittery to be pleasing so I used morphing software to smooth the transition between photos.

I wanted to show the aging development of a cat from birth to adulthood.

See some of the photos used, and other growing up photos of Freya here: https://www.warrenphotographic.co.uk/...

posted by TetepayJeancekj