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Khao Manee Facts

Cat Breeds

View our Khao Manee Facts video and find out everything you need to know in one Khao Manee Facts video. A single video crammed full of facts on this cat breed.

Khao Manee Facts video content:
Cat Breed: Khao Manee
Khao Manee is an ancient pure breed of shorthaired cat, it is not a new breed or a hybrid cross breed.
It is thought to be the fourth native Thai breed, with the other three breeds being Siamese, Burmese and Korat.
The Khao Manee is a rare cat breed.
Khao Manee means - white gem.
The breed was mentioned in the Tamra Maew, a book of cat poems first produced in the fourteenth century.
The Khao Manee breed was first recognised by the GCCF in 2010.
Although an ancient breed it should be considered as a relatively new breed to countries outside Thailand.
The breed is also known as the Diamond Eye cat and the White cat of Thailand.
Weight: 8 – 12 Ibs
Hypoallergenic: At this time unverified.
Cat size category: Medium
Colour: White coats - Occasionally kittens can have a small dark mark on the head, which will disappear after 12 months.
Origin: Thailand.
Temperament: Inquisitive, Sociable, Affectionate, Friendly.
Average Life Span: 10 – 12 years
Khao Manee: Personality.
An Khao Manee tends to come with an extrovert personality.
The breed can be vocal
Khao Manee Facts: Family, Children and Other Pets.
This Khao Manee breed is known to enjoy being a lap cat.
The breed is considered to be a high intelligent cat breed.
Due to the breed being highly intelligent the breed will enjoy interactive games and teaser toys.
The breed are an active cat breed and will have numerous busts of energy in a day.
The breed makes excellent family pets.
The breed enjoys human company and will get on well with children who know how to handle and respect a cat.
They do not enjoy being left on their own for long periods if this was to be the case consider a second cat as company.
The Khao Manee will get on well with guests to the family home and meet and greet them on arrival.
Other pets such as the cat friendly family dog should not create any issues.
Khao Manee Facts: Health.
Mixed breed and pedigree cat breeds can have various health issues that can be generic in nature.
The Khao Manee is generally considered a healthy breed; these outside Thailand will need more time to assess.
A genetic characteristic observed in felines having blue eyes/white coats is the potential for partially or totally deafness.

Khao Manee Facts: Care.
The Khao Manee coat will need a weekly brush, which will help remove dead hair.
A daily brushing of the teeth will reduce the possibility of periodontal disease, if this is to much a weekly brushing will help.
Eyes - Wipe the corners using a soft, damp cloth use a separate area for each eye so as to reduce spreading infection.
Ears - Wipe with a cotton ball/soft damp warm water cloth do not use cotton swabs these can damage the ear.
Like all cats the Khao Manee expects the litter box to be clean at all times.

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