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Keep Outdoor and Feral Cats Warm and Safe

Grammys Pet Nook

A cat's fur coat won't keep them warm through and entire winter. Outdoor cats are known for their independence, but when the winter's cold grip tightens, outdoor, feral, and stray cats need our help to stay warm. When the weather drops to ❄40 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be too cold for house cats, very young or old cats, or those suffering health problems. Consider providing a safe and warm shelter for these resilient feline friends.

There are many options for cat shelters to buy designed to create a safe place where a cat can retreat from the cold. They can be easily set up in a place that is easily accessible like in a carport, behind a shed or perhaps your porch. A cozy heated cat house is perfect for cats who prefer the outdoors, and for feral cats. Most of them have two exits to provide multiple escape routes from predators and are thermostatically controlled to turn on and off as needed automatically.

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Beyond the physical cold, consider that outdoor cats have difficulty scavenging for food and water in the winter. Cats need more calories to keep them warm when it's cold out, so it's especially important they get enough to eat. An outdoor feeding station offers heated food and water in a dry, private area. It is a great solution to keeping your cat's dishes sheltered from debris, rain, and snow. The thermostatically controlled bowls are easy to clean and the food and water are kept from freezing.

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