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Katy Perry Liable of Plagiarizing Christian Rap Song

Inside Edition

Katy Perry is on vacation in Spain, but news from America is not good for the singer, as a jury found her liable of plagiarizing her hit "Dark Horse." Christian hip-hop artist Marcus Gray, who goes by Flame, sued Perry for copyright infringement because he said the beat to “Dark Horse” sounded like his 2008 single “Joyful Noise.” The jury will decide what Perry and the other defendants must pay as damages for the copyright infringement. Mom Still Unsure of What Creature Was in Her Driveway. Meghan Trainor Posts New Music Video After 'Insulting' Version Was Photoshopped. Why These Knock Off Prom Dresses Upset Teens Upon Arrival. Watch What it Was Like for Deborah Norville to Become a Flight Attendant in 2010. Dancer Who Lost Legs in Boat Explosion Is Getting Life Back. 12-Year-Old Girl Sneezes 12,000 Times a Day: 'Kids Make Fun of Me'. Watch Concierge Demonstrate Exactly How Kim Kardashian Was Robbed in Paris. Funniest Celebrity Audience Reactions. Mom Defends Video Showing 6-Month-Old Learning to Swim. Katy Perry PLAGIARIZED A Christian Rapper's Song?? Workers Discover Body of Missing 12-Year-Old Decades Later. Would You Try Mustard Ice Cream? The Best Fuzz Pedal Ive EVER PLAYED. What’s That Scar on Meghan Markle’s Foot? Top 10 Films About Serial Killers.

posted by arrostavizk