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Jerk Cats - Funny Animal Compilation


Jerk Cats Compilation ►► Cats can be jerks, and the internet is full of proof. Enjoy this compilation video of cats being rude, destructive, selfish, and mean. They bite, scratch, jump, kick, and knock things over. Watch them knock anything and everything off of counters and shelves.

This video is intended to highlight and promote the greatest clips the internet has to offer. Its content is taken from numerous sources across the net, hoping to acknowledge uploaders and creators for their work. Follow the Content Source links and enjoy your favorite clips in their entirety.
Content Sources:

The Cat Trying To Steal Pizza – Funny Videos:
Ninja Cat Attack:
Sneaky cat attacks sleeping dog:
Crazy Cat Attacks Horse:
Cat Steals Fish From Fisherman:
Crazed Kitty – Cat Attacking Toilet Roll:
Silly cat RUINS my wife’s flowers and vase:
Milo Wanted Attention:
Cat breaks tv fail:
Annoying Cat Dances on Dog’s Head:
YOGA FAIL !! Esther Ekhart Cat Attack:
Cats Can Be Jerks | Gatinhos Tambem:
Cats Knocking Stuff Over:
Cats Can Be Jerks – ModernMom Top 10:
Cat likes to push things off the table:
Evil Cat Compilation:
Bad Cat, Good Cat vs Bird:
Demanding Cat:
Why don’t you come inside the house, goat?:
Cat Interrupts News Reporter By Climbing:
Cat punches dog:
Gizmo and the Hazel Nut:
Gato malo:

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