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Jeremy Corbell Ross Coulthart u0026 Bryce Zabel: Full interview | UFO UAP News

7NEWS Spotlight

The world is continuing to learn more about the UFO UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalist Ross Coulthart and producer Bryce Zabel sit down for an extended interview with filmmaker and UFO UAP secret sharer Jeremy Corbell. Subscribe and set »

This interview, was recorded in June 2022. Portions of it have aired in our Need To Know documentary, as we all as our UFO UAP special.

But this is the first time it has aired, in full.
Let us know what you think in the comments.


0:39 Has Jeremy ever seen a UFO?
1:05 Why Jeremy thinks UFOs are real
1:58 Discussing skepticism
2:38 The 2019 videos Jeremy leaked
3:10 The May 2022 US Congress UAP Hearings are they drones?
5:32 The radar data of the 2019 video leaks
6:58 Jeremy and the hearings
7:57 Ross on May 2022 Hearings
9:00 Breaking down "bokeh" from Pyramid video
13:40 Why is Jeremy the person disclosing these videos?
15:08 The USS Omaha Video
18:14 On Mick West
19:20 The 'safety of flight' issue
21:28 How sightings are happening near war zones
23:40 Should people be scared?
25:35 Australia's military and UAPs
27:05 What to say to say to people who dismiss the UAP topic?
28:16 Are these objects intelligently controlled?
30:30 The rise of the NAVY in the UAP sighting space
32:30 Ross Coulthart on why the public has been mislead
36:21 Ross plays devil's advocate
37:30 Why UFO and UAP aren't just in the air
38:49 Dealing with stigma
41:00 The Bass Strait bulk carrier
44:34 Bryce's personal question for Jeremy
45:55 Protecting whistleblowers and witnesses
49.48 UFO UAP disclosure and politicians
51:15 What will full disclosure look like?
52:17 What we know for sure

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