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Japanese Bobtail - TOP 10 FACTS (Maneki-neko)

Cats Wiz

Japanese Bobtail TOP 10 FACTS (Manekineko)

Get ready for a perfectly delightful adventure as we present to you the TOP 10 FACTS about these adorable feline creatures! From their enchanting appearance to their mischievous antics, this video is guaranteed to make you fall head over paws for these fabulous furbabies!

Discover the fascinating history of the Japanese Bobtail and its rich cultural significance in Japan, where they are revered as symbols of good luck and prosperity. You'll be whisked away to ancient times, where these captivating cats roamed freely in temples and captured the hearts of samurais and nobles alike.


0:00 Intro
0:24 They Have Mysterious Origins
1:11 They're Considered To Be Good Luck
1:47 They Have Variety of Looks
2:23 They Have Short Tails
2:58 They're Highly Intelligent
3:34 Their Tail is Unique to Each Cat
4:10 They're Great Jumpers
4:46 They're Pretty Vocal
5:15 They're Rare Outside of Japan
5:48 They're Prominent in Japanese Media
6:19 Outro

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