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Japan and the West: The First 500 Years // Japanese History Documentary (1298 - 1854)

Voices of the Past

00:00 Introduction (1853)
06:57 Marco Polo and the Land of Endless Gold (1298)
11:15 First Contact (1543)
16:04 Arrival of the One God
21:03 The English Arrive (1604)
28:04 Japanese Travellers (1614)
32:50 A Closed Country? (1639)
37:26 The Dutch Take Advantage
41:06 Studying the West (1709)
47:06 Russia (1791)
50:57 The Napoleonic Conflict Reaches Japan (1808)
56:09 Planning for When

Written by Thomas Lockley
Edited, script edited and narrated by David Kelly
Art by Matthew Cartwright
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By Bernard Gagnon Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,
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