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It's Cat Tricks With Katie

Its The Donnellys

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It's The Donnellys is all about growing up Donnelly! Siblings Katie, Brennan & Ryan along with mom and Dadio love to laugh, play, travel and share our lives with you through family videos and daily vlogs...this is REAL life, REAL fun! Remember, the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is your attitude! So join us as we choose to make life an ADVENTURE! ! #LiveHappy

KATIE is a hilarious 14 year old, gymnast, cheerlaedr sister, friend, and swimmer who loves pigs, Grey's Anatomy and wants to be a surgeon.
BRENNAN is a witty, fun-loving, athletic 16 year old water polo player, golfer and swimmer who roots for Manchester City, the LA Chargers, the Washington Capitals and can talk sports until the cows come home.
RYAN is a lovable 12 year old. He is in 7th grade, loves ice cream, golf, Fortnite, the trampoline, riding his bike, and swimming.

Katie, Brennan & Ryan live a Flippin' Fun life! Join their zany fun with family videos and daily vlogs #LiveHappy
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*Channel art courtesy of Ada
*Awesome editing help by DJLProjects HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY RYAN! | Flippin' Katie. It's Shopping for New Bedroom Furniture. IT'S OUR OFFICIAL HOUSE TOUR!! *upstairs exposed for the first time*. It's Stranded in the Airport- Our Flight is Cancelled! | New Year's CRUISE WEEK Day 6. IT'S KATIE AND BRENNAN'S HIGH SCHOOL CLASS SCHEDULES. It's Our First Cat Bath *SPOILER ALERT Cats Don't Like Water!!!*. It's Naming Our New Kittens!! What Do You Think? LIVING IN A MOTORHOME 🚐 FOR A WEEK | A WESTERN RV ADVENTURE | Flippin' Katie. Epic Christmas Secret Santa Mystery Box! Opening Presents! It's Confessions: Homework & Teenage Driving + Football Miracle. It's Our Family Gift Exchange 2018 *Christmas Eve with The Donnellys*. BUBBLE WRAP CANNON | Flippin' Katie. It's Our Annual Christmas Party + Last Minute Christmas Shopping. IT'S KATIE'S CHEER COMPETITION AND BRENNAN GOES TO HOMECOMING #2. IT'S THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT THAT MADE KATIE CRY + BRENNAN CHECKS IN FROM RUSSIA.

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