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It's Breeding Time!!

Blue Cactus Dairy Goats

The 2019 breeding season begins!! Glad to say our herd is breeding and the baby making is underway! We pen breed on our ranch so I can make sure they get bred. I want to see each doe go through two heat cycles. If they don't take the first time, it will be very unlikely they don't take the second time.

Welcome to the Blue Cactus Dairy Goat Ranch! We breed show quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats! We currently have a herd of 15 does and 4 bucks. Our herd is rotationally grazed on our 10 1/2 acre homestead in Arizona. We also raise chickens for eggs and meat and keep a large garden year round!

On our channel we teach how we trim hooves, deworm, copper bolus, draw blood, milk shave, shave for show, compete in shows, milk test, breed, register, transport, assist in goat births, bottle feed babies, wean kids, how to milk, use a milk stand, make cheese, make homemade ice cream, make compost, grow vegetables, and have fun in mountains and creeks!
Follow our adventures as we grow our Herd, our Food, and our Family!

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