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It Has ALREADY Begun! Bashar's STUNNING Message You Need To LISTEN to TODAY! | Darryl Anka

Next Level Soul Podcast

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Join us for an extraordinary interview with Darryl Anka, a worldrenowned channeler, as we dive into his fascinating journey of channeling Bashar, an extraterrestrial consciousness from the Sassani civilization. For over three decades, Darryl has been sharing Bashar's wisdom and insights, offering practical guidance for personal growth and spiritual evolution. This interview takes a deep dive into the origins of his connection with Bashar and explores the profound impact it has had on countless lives around the world.

We unravel the mystery behind Darryl's journey as he recounts his first encounter with Bashar and how it led to a life dedicated to sharing his profound teachings. We delve into the heart of the message Bashar brings forth, which emphasizes selfempowerment, personal responsibility, and spiritual evolution.

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics, from Darryl's early experiences and the development of his channeling abilities to the philosophy behind Bashar's teachings and the practical applications for everyday life. We also touch on the fascinating subject of extraterrestrial life and the potential for future contact with advanced civilizations.

Throughout this enlightening discussion, Darryl candidly shares his personal experiences and the insights he's gained from his unique connection with Bashar. This rare opportunity to explore the mind of one of the most influential channelers of our time provides viewers with a greater understanding of the significance of his work and its potential to catalyze profound transformations in those who embrace its message.

Whether you are a longtime follower of Darryl Anka and Bashar or new to the world of channeling and extraterrestrial consciousness, this interview is a mustwatch. We invite you to open your mind to new possibilities and embark on a journey of selfdiscovery with the guidance of Darryl Anka and Bashar's illuminating wisdom.

Enjoy my conversation with Darryl Anka.

0:00 Episode Teaser
1:33 What is the biggest misconceptions we have about metaphysical concepts
3:45 Classic metaphysical terms that just aren't completely old fashioned?
4:47 Bashar's take on frequency
9:37 How do we raise your frequency or vibration?
13:31 What is Core Vibration?
14:51 Bashar's take on NDE
21:01 Bashar's point of view on the Akashic Records
22:27 The different archetypes of God
26:29 Everything is made of love
27:14 Why are there bad people?
40:50 Subconscious and the unconscious mind
45:08 Forms of abundance
52:55 What is the oversoul?
56:17 What is the Bashar's definition of karma?
1:01:00 All pain is resistance to natural self.
1:02:54 What is the difference between guilt and responsibility?
1:04:34 How do we remove fear based beliefs in our lives?
1:13:13 The seven basic needs of life
1:17:03 Bashar say about the future of humanity?
1:20:00 Definition of living a fulfilled life
1:21:11 Definition of God
1:21:22 Ultimate purpose of life
1:21:29 Darryl's Work
1:22:16 Final Message

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