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Is The RUSSIAN BLUE Cat The RIGHT Breed For You? Find Out Now!

Facts about Cats

Is a Russian Blue Cat the right cat for you? I'm gonna help you find out! I'll describe the ideal Russian Blue cat owner. I'll also discuss the personality and needs of a Russian Blue cat.
The Truth about Russian Blue Cats Answering All Important Questions https://youtu.be/z2lktbcTYtM​

My Cats Favorite TOY

This SAVED My Couch:

Disclaimer: This video is made for entertainment purposes only. It is not in any way medical/professional/breeder advice and should not be treated as so. Use the advice/information presented in this video at your own risk. Always look for medical advice from licensed veterinarians.

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Cats, cats, and even more cats! This channel's goal is to become a resource for all cat lovers and cat owners out there. I also want to help new cat owners with all the information they need.

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A crazy cat lady who loves to know as much as possible about cats and share that information with anyone interested.
I think cats are amazing and they don't deserve the bad reputation they sometimes have. I really want to help change this!

In my channel, you'll find older videos with my voice (and sometimes my husband's). Lately, however, I've decided to work with professional voiceover artists, to make sure my message is as clear as possible.

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