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Is My Cat’s Harness Escape Proof? 5 Steps To Stop Escapes


Is the Supakit cat harness escape proof? It’s one of our most commonly asked questions. The answer may be more surprising than you’d think!

Join feline expert Leili to learn why keeping your cat from escaping their harness is 100% possible – but it isn’t so much about finding an escape free cat harness, as learning to use it in an escapeproof way.

If your cat keeps escaping their harness, this is a MUST watch! Get ready to discover the five insider secrets you need to keep your escape artist cat secure in their harness.

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0:00 Introduction
0:36 Step 1, the right harness
1:23 Step 2, the right fit
1:50 Step 3, the leash safe zone
3:22 Step 4, don't tether
4:01 Step 5, training
4:37 Conclusion

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