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Is dairy good or bad for you? | Tim Spector u0026 Sarah Berry


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Decades ago, there were reams of adverts instructing us to drink our milk so we don’t break our bones. But in the decades since, public opinion toward dairy is very different, and the scientific community has largely debunked these ideas.

Many of the healthconscious among us choose to avoid it altogether. Our reasons range from a belief that dairy leads to inflammation, to acne, or even to an increased risk of heart attack due to high levels of saturated fat.

But have we fallen into the same trap we often do, bouncing from one extreme to another? Could cutting out dairy mean we miss out on vital nutrients? Or could it hold the secret to a healthy gut microbiome?

Today, Jonathan is joined by ZOE regulars and renowned experts, Dr. Sarah Berry and Prof. Tim Spector.

In this episode, you’ll not only find out whether you should eat dairy or cut it out, but you’ll also hear two leading nutritional scientists try to reach an agreement on how to translate the latest research into actionable advice. And hopefully, they’ll still remain friends afterward.

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00:00 Introduction
00:33 Quickfire round
01:22 Biggest myth about dairy
03:23 Does dairy cause inflammation?
10:12 Bone fragilaty
15:27 Cheese and Yogurt
16:59 Full fat vs semi skinned
18:52 Milk and cholesterol
20:41 Fermented dairies
22:44 dairy and microbes
25:04 Saturated fats
27:22 Cheese quality
31:00 Summary
32:47 Goodbyes
32:58 Outro

Every Body Should Know This by Dr Federica Amati:
Food For Life by Prof. Tim Spector:

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