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iOS 15 Battery Saving Tips That Really Work On iPhone

Payette Forward

David & David talk about thirteen iOS 15 battery saving tips that really work on your iPhone! There are some new settings and some old ones that have a way of reseting after major iOS updates.

These tips will help improve your iPhone's battery life and fix the problem if it's draining too quickly.

1. Introduction [0:00]
2. Turn On Optimized Battery Charging [0:10]
3. Close Out Your Apps [0:30]
4. Let Apple Improve Their Own Products [1:27]
5. Turn Off Unnecessary Locations Services [1:51]
6. Be Selective With System Services [2:42]
7. Turn Off Sensor & Usage Data Collection [4:36]
8. Turn Off Push Mail [4:54]
9. Be Careful With Background App Refresh [6:12]
10. Turn On Reduce Motion [7:13]
11. Turn On Reduce White Point [8:00]
12. Turn On Dark Mode [8:54]
13. Update iOS [9:26]
14. Restart Your iPhone Weekly [9:42]

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