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Introducing a Kitten to a Bengal Cat Part 1

Mia Spencer

When I decided to get a new playmate for Mia, my 1 year old Bengal cat, I knew it was going to have to be a slow process to get her to accept him as they're so territorial.
Experts recommend slowly introducing them, so the resident cat feels she has allowed him in and her territory hasn't been taken over. After 1 and a half weeks I was exhausted and wondering if things were ever going to work!
I couldn't find any information specifically on introducing a kitten to a Bengal. The only video's I could find didn't show how things progressed from stage to stage.
I hope this video helps other people who are in a similar situation to me.
Things can seem very slow but can change very quickly, as I write this, things have already progressed a lot but I still have to apply the rules as they can still go wrong while they're getting to know each other.
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posted by mansdragep