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Interstellar Highway System

Cool Worlds

Could advanced civilizations be using a network of black holes for interstellar travel? In our last video, the "halo drive" was discussed covering the basic physics of how this new system could potentially enable interstellar flight. Here, we go much deeper on the halo drive concept, answering many of the questions which have been raised, and going further by considering the possibilities of a galactic wide network of such systems.

This video is based on research conducted at the Cool Worlds Lab at Columbia University. You can now support our research program directly here:

0:08 Introduction
4:39 The Halo Drive
7:14 NonBinary Halo Drive
13:41 Leaving the Black Hole
18:40 Deceleration
21:15 A Halo Network
26:29 Civilizations around Black Holes

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Special thanks to YouTuber Madd End for this fantastic artist's impression of the halo drive:

Filmclips, in order of appearance;
► Terminator 3
► The Black Hole
► Interstellar
► Star Trek, The Next Generation

Music is by Chris Zabriskie ( and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (, in order of appearance;

► Music from Neptune Flux, "We Were Never Meant to Live Here" (
► Music from Neptune Flux, "Stories About the World That Once Was" (
► Cylinder Five (
► Cylinder Four (
► Cylinder Eight (
► The Sun is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow (  / chriszabriskie..  )
In addition, music from OneGuitarOrchestra, acoustic cover of Hans Zimmer's "No Time For Caution":    • No Time For Caution (Acoustic Tribute...  
► Music from Neptune Flux, "We Were Never Meant to Live Here" (
► Music from Neptune Flux, "That Hopeful Future Is All I've Ever Known" (

And also:
► Columbia University Department of Astronomy:
► Cool Worlds Lab website:

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