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Man Hatches Egg

A Chick Called Albert

I finally did it: I incubated an egg with my own body. I created what is probably the first wearable incubator in the world and a remarkably strong and beautifully coloured duckling came out.

Like I mentioned in the video, doing this was a Patreon goal. I actually started to seriously consider trying this after we had a power outage last year. Luckily, it lasted only about 15 minutes and none of my eggs were harmed at the time. However, it did make me wonder: could I save eggs with my own body heat if needed?

Now we need a name* for this beautiful new friend. She’s so sweet and so energetic and she’s got this silly walk. I believe that this is the species of duck that Donald Duck is based upon.
Have you guys any suggestions what we could call her ?

I love reading your comments!

* Naming Update:
The children of Rene Lagarde, one of my patrons, came up with a really sweet name: Wiebel.
It means wiggle :)

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