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I would like to inform you about Mimi

Tiny Kitten

Thank you for watching Tiny Kitten.

This is Mimi's current condition.
She looks slender because her fur has become shorter during the molt season, but please be assured that her weight has not changed and she is very healthy.

I am sorry for the concern that Mimi has caused to our viewers by not appearing in videos very often.
Now, Mimi is no longer intimidated by the kittens and is living in the same room with them.

I am sure that Mimi will have more opportunities to appear in videos in the future, so please look forward to it.

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□ Coco
Grandfather / Munchkin / Black and White

□ Mimi
Grandmother / British Shorthair / Golden

□ Kiki
Daughter / Munchkin / Brown tabby

□ Lili
Daughter / Munchkin / Brown tabby

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