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I've never seen such a lovely cat!!😻🛁✂️❤️Gentle white persian cat!!

Tosa Bebe Pet

#whitecat #persiancat #catgrooming
Hello! Ben is so pretty with his white fur and big orange eyes. Persian cats are very popular because of their cute and lovely appearance and mild personality. Cats are sensitive to stress, but fortunately, Ben calmly accepts bathing and grooming, so I am so proud and grateful.

Cats, beautiful by nature !!! So, why groom? Sometimes brushing is not enough and the cat does not always collaborate, after all we are talking about cats! Free by nature !!! Although they have their ritual of cleaning through licking, this is not always enough, they will soon have hair ball vomiting, right? So every now and then we need to give them a little help, this is where the grooming comes in, complete or just hygienic, super important for the health of these beauty! And as we are talking about cats, temperamental beings and that can get stressed when they are away from home, it is super cool that you have a PET SHOP where there is a space just for them, away from dogs and with trained professionals to take good care of these cute cats !

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