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I Turned Mobs BUFF in Minecraft


Today we make buff mobs in Minecraft!

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Big thank you to @CaptainCooky for helping me with the code!
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If you want to learn how to make custom minecraft mobs like we did today, check out the @ArtsByKev Youtube channel!

Also want to thank @CavemanFilms for voicing Steve in the intro of the video ^^

We used Blockbench to make the Minecraft mobs

#minecraft #minecraftmods #blockbench

In this Minecraft mod making video, we're going to learn how to turn mobs into buff monsters! This is a great way to increase your combat power or to help you survive in dangerous situations.

In this video, I show you how to turn hordes of mobs into buff allies in Minecraft. This is a powerful Minecraft mod that will help you survive in the hardest of environments and dominate the battlefield!

If you're looking for a hardhitting Minecraft mod that will help you survive in the most hostile of environments, then look no further! This buff mod will turn legions of hostile mobs into your allies, giving you the strength and power you need to conquer the world!

posted by hidan4e