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I Trapped the RAREST Mobs in Minecraft


A Hermitcraft inspired Minecraft SMP

This series is inspired by Sandiction and Wadzee and Luke TheNoteable 100 days in Hardcore Minecraft Series, as well as Mumbo Jumbo and Grian and the other Hermitcraft Server, and Empires SMP Members. Possibly a little like the Dream SMP with Dream and Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot. Also, a little Lifesteal SMP. However it is our group of Youtubers. I am excited to make giant mega builds, Minecraft challenge videos and make other videos about Minecraft.

Video Idea inspired by @Wunba 's
I Collected Minecraft's Rarest Mobs in Hardcore!
@sandiction 's
I Trapped Every Mob in Minecraft Hardcore

Welcome to the Arcadia SMP.

I'm learning how to use Premiere Pro and After Effects. The editing might look a little different as opposed to previous episodes.

Thanks for watching!
Hope you all have a good week :D
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Other Content Creators in this Video Binnish (Green Text) Sylphs (Light Blue Text) Silver (Purple Text) Scuba (Lime Text) TodayTooth (Purple Text) Astrixx (Dark Blue Text)

This series was inspired by Hermitcraft and @Grian @Mumbo Jumbo and all of the Hermits.
This video and editing style was inspired by @WadZee and @Shulkercraft

Music By:
Arthur Benson
Lena Raine

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