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I Train My Cats With PSYCHOLOGY

Neuro Transmissions

Can you train a cat? It turns out that, with a little psychology, you bet you can! Through associative learning, you can condition your cat to do just about anything. Come when called, give you a high five, do your taxes...well maybe not that last one.

On this episode of Micah Psych, join Micah as he attempts to teach Bill and Loki how to come when called. Armed with Pavlov’s theory of Classical Conditioning and a boatload of cat treats, will Micah be able to teach the cats this trick? Will psychology prevail? You’ll have to watch til the end to find out! This experiment was a ton of fun and easy to do. If you’ve never trained a pet, hopefully this video gives you a starting place with useful instructions and tips on how to do simple cat training. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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