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I Said My Cats' Most and Least Favorite Words on a Fake Phone Call! They Heard Everything! (ENG SUB)

Claire Luvcat

#Cats #ClaireLuvcat #FakePhoneCallPrank

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00:00 Highlights
00:30 Saying DD’s Favorite Words
01:12 Saying LuLu’s Favorite Words
02:50 Saying TT’s Favorite Words (TT Starts Sulking)
05:30 TT in the Office
06:17 TT in the Eye Hospital
07:22 Meal Time for Cats (LuLu and LaLa)
08:13 DoDo’s Special Trick
08:32 Meal Time for Cats (DD Meows)
09:36 Giving TT Her Medicine
11:18 Providing TT with Eye and Fur Care

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