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I Rescued a 6 Week Old Kitten 🐱💕

CShawty Hill

I Rescued a 6 Week Old Kitten: this six week old kitten was found and I decided to adopt her at six weeks old. I will show you how to adopt a kitten and how to care for a new kitten in your home after adopting a six week old kitten.

Hello and welcome to another video! This one is all about adopting the newest member of our family, Matilda!

Matilda was found by a friend of mine all alone hiding inside the machinery of her car. Thank God she heard her crying before she started driving! The timing of everything was honestly divine I had recently started thinking about adopting a kitten and then Matilda came right into my life via Instagram DM.

I took her straight to the vet before anything and when I got word she was HEALTHY and about six weeks old I took her to her new home! Please don’t be alarmed by the fact I’m keeping her in the bathroom: it’s the only room in my house that has a real door that I can close. I’m doing this for her safety and I believe it’s best for everyone for the first few days. I do have three other animals that are bigger than her and wanted her to feel safe. I also wanted the cats to have a chance to get used to each other’s smells before trying to introduce them officially. She is now coming out and exploring, meeting her siblings and getting much more comfortable in our home. So far so good!

Thank you all for watching and I hope you enjoyed meeting our new baby!

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