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I got a BUNNY or two! *setting up buying new supplies etc*


Hi Friends!
In today’s video… I got 2 bunnies!!! I am not sure how old they are, I think they are around 3/4months old? Not sure, my mother’s friend gifted them to me. I cannot decide on what to call my brown bunny, I was thinking either Eevee or Wonie? My mom named our white bunny after my other one who passed away in March . I hope you guys enjoy today’s video!

tiktok: im.xass
Instagram: yunggxod

name: cassy
age: 21
birthday: dec 28, 2001
ethnicity: mexican
location: tampa, florida
born in: tampa, florida
camera: song zvf1, and iPhone 13
editing: cap cut, and iMovie

Subcount: 80 we are so close to 100
See you guys in the next video

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