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I GAMBLED $600 on this Backhoe sight UNSEEN?? Was it WORTH it?!? ~ Broke Down Backhoe ~ Part 1

Salvage Workshop

This old backhoe popped up on the line for sale recently! They were asking $600, and immediately I told them... "I'LL TAKE IT!"

It's now time to go check it out and see what I bought!!

Do you think my gamble will pay off or did I buy a piece of junk that really SHOULD head off to the scrapyard?

Let's find out!

Please enjoy! I know I did!

If you'd like to watch the entire series about this "Broke Down Backhoe" here's a link to the playlist:


0:00 Initial walk around
9:22 Clearing the away the brush around the machine
9:48 Trying to air up the tire
11:20 Hooking up batteries
11:42 Trying out the electrical system
13:09 Removing the Starter
13:42 Freeing up the engine with a bar on the flywheel
17:06 Powering the starter DIRECTLY
17:55 Discovering electrical problems
19:31 Discovering MORE Problems: Hydraulic, Air Fliter, & Mouse Nest in the Engine
24:13 Hooking up the boat tank for fuel
25:17 Found a fuel Injection Pump Leak
26:34 First time firing in over 14+ years
28:57 Jacking up the tractor with Bottle Jacks and Wood Blocks
31:49 Replacing the inner tube inside the rear tire
35:28 Airing up the new tube in the rear tire
37:05 Fixing the hydraulic return line with a FLEXIHose
40:25 Replacing the leaking throttle & shutoff shaft orings in the Injection Pump
43:29 Trying to start the engine
45:05 Trying out buttons and controls
45:53 Removing and cleaning the fuel tank
48:34 Adding oil to the engine
49:43 Starting it RIGHT UP!
50:26 Throttle and shut off issue
52:20 Starting it and FINALLY getting it to MOVE!!
55:16 Getting the front bucket JACKED up
57:11 Truck Problems!
58:53 Getting ready to Load the Massey Ferguson 50HX onto the trailer
1:00:18 Getting the IH Scissor Dump Truck & trailer in place
1:01:04 Starting it RIGHT up!
1:01:11 Loading it onto the trailer
1:03:33 Chaining the backhoe onto the trailer
1:04:24 Whistling down the road on HOME!!
1:06:31 Unloading the MF'r at Salvage Workshop!
1:08:18 Thanks for joining me on this adventure! LOT'S more to come!


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Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your support!

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