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I Completed Pokemon Emerald's RIDICULOUS Pokedex


Pokemon Emerald is known to have the most difficult Pokedex to complete in the history of the Pokemon franchise... but how hard is it actually? I challenged myself to complete it as fast as possible, all while doing a 'Living Dex', where I need to have a complete catalogue of every individual Pokemon and this is how it went. This video took a lot of time and effort to put together, so I'd really appreciate it if you shared this with a friend. If you have any suggestions for the next video, leave it in the comments below! Have a great day :)

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Day 1
5:58 Day 2
9:42 Day 3
14:45 Days 4 & 5
17:02 Day 6
25:29 Day 7
29:27 Day 8
31:18 Day 9 & 10
38:47 Day 11 & 12
40:20 Day 13
43:31 The Final Days

posted by jaredrobinsony6