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I Collected EVERY Mob in Minecraft Hardcore


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I Built EVERY Biome in Minecraft Hardcore

This is the 8th episode of my 1.20 Hardcore Minecraft lets play series! After I Survived 1000 Days in Hardcore Minecraft, I Collected EVERY Mob in Minecraft Hardcore

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Thank you to these guys
Video inspiration: @sandiction
Thumbnail inspiration: @sandiction + Ezy (   / @ezyyt  )
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This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod. Instead of being Wadzee, Sandiction and aCookieGod, this series is similar to a Minecraft challenge video but it is Minecraft Hardcore! This is just like my 100 days videos but better!

The music I use in this video is licensed by Epidemic Sounds https://share.epidemicsound.com/idgc05


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