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I can only see the head of the kitten Kiki!lol

Lazy Kitten

■About Kitten Kiki’s heart problem ① (2022/06/16)

■About Kitten Kiki’s heart problem ② (2022/06/21)

■What I want you to know about Kitten Kiki2022/06/22

■Kitten Kiki’s birth (2022/05/11)

#cat #kitten #coco

・Name Coco
・Birthday 2020.10.24
・Cat breed Munchkin (Short legged)
・Sex Male

・Name   Mimi
・Birthday  2020.10.23
・Cat breed British Shorthair
・Sex    Female

・Name  Kiki
・Birthday 2022.5.9
・Sex   Female   
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