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I Built Willy WONKA's Chocolate Factory in Minecraft!


I Built WILLY WONKA's Chocolate Factory and invited 5 YouTuber's for a dangerous tour!

In this Minecraft hardcore episode I build Willy Wonka's chocolate factory and then invite 5 Youtubers to compete in epic challenges to win the factory! (worth over $1000)

✳ Watch from the start! ✳
   • A Perfect START in Minecraft Hardcore!  

Huge shoutout to my friends for being in the video!

Also when the boys join the world, it's a copy of my world that I put onto a survival server with cheats enabled. So that's why you can see I'm in creative watching them :)
(Sword had a hardcore texture pack on as well)



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This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by aCookieGod, Sandiction and Wadzee. This Minecraft Hardcore series is full of Minecraft challenges and sometimes I will make a Hardcore Minecraft Full Movie. This is similar to 100 days but better

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the movie clips used and I believe they are covered under fair use.

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