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I Bought the Cheapest Phone on CeX...

Budget-Builds Official

Hello everyone and welcome to another Budget Builds Episode where today we're back on that phone nonsense, apart from this time my iPhone X has broken (thanks touch module recall that apple does nothing about) which means that I need a new phone...So I decided to order the cheapest phone from CeX...which cost me a whopping £2/$2.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy as we endure a little adventure where nearly everything goes wrong right from the start...

Intro 0:00
Unboxing 0:08
The Specs 0:45
Stock Usage 2:14
The ROM Modding Stuff 3:36
Sideloading and Forced Updates 5:12
The Benchmarks 8:32
Web Browsing and YouTube 11:31
Spotify 12:41
Camera 13:27
Conclusion 14:45
Ovlov Moment 15:50

Grim Fandango OST
Simcity 3000 Building
MGS Hidden Jazz

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posted by Cishirrallyua