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I become the strongest animal controller with just a stinky egg.

Prawn Manhwa Recap

Story Summary: The era of national animal control. Jiang Fan accidentally travels back ten years, hoping to use the knowledge of a rebirthed individual to make a fortune, but he discovers that the world has undergone tremendous changes. Seventhorder animal controller Mahua Teng, with his emperor penguin beast, is making a breakthrough to the eighth order... Jack Ma, who has no interest in money, digs up a gold mine with his golddevouring ant king... Animal training teacher Cai Kunkun incubates for two and a half years, successfully hatching an animal "Chicken Just Because" that can sing, dance, and play basketball... Jiang Fan is reborn with a skill point system, and at the beginning he obtains a demon egg with unlimited growth talent, hatching a demon animal different from others. [Ding, you have increased the vitality of the animal "Charm Demon", "Charm Demon" will not sleep tonight...] [Ding, you have increased the spirit value of the animal "Charm Demon", with strong spirits she will haunt your dreams at night...] [Ding, you have increased the racial value of the animal "Charm Demon", the "Charm Demon" has evolved into the "Charm Demon Queen" ...] In this world, it is the world of animal controllers. Let's see how the ordinary animal controller Jiang Fan steps by step to the pinnacle of the world and ascends to the throne of animal control!
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