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Hypoallergenic Cats For People With Allergies


Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds:

The crepuscular four legged feline is one of the most common pet people keep as companions. But not everyone is lucky enough to share the companionship of these loving creatures due to allergic reactions caused by them. If you are a freaking cat lover and want to own a furry companion, but allergic! You simply are going to enjoy this video. Today we are going to share the list of hypoallergenic cats that are not just friendly, furry but also safe as a pet. Before moving forward Don’t forget to subscribe and help us hit 100K subs! Enjoy :)

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats are one of the top five most popular cat breeds in the US. They are highly energetic, curious, friendly and intelligent. Abyssinians are originate from Abyssinia which is now called Ethiopia. The Abyssinian cat is what is called a tabby pic cat and comes in four beautiful shades of red, fawn, blue and ruddy. Abyssinian cats have shiny, lustrous, ticked and thin coat which do not shed a lot. Abyssinian cat weighs between 8 17 pounds with an average life span of 1215 years.

Siberian Cat

A natural breed of Siberia and also acknowledged as National cat of Russia. Siberian cats are the largest domesticated cats among all cat breeds. Siberian cats come in a variety of colors like tabby, color point, turquoise shell and solid. These cats have a three layer dense feline coat with guard hair, awn hair and down, which produces very less Fel d1. Siberians weigh between 817 pounds with an average life span of 1115 years.

Bengal Cat

Not only Bengal cats look unique but you will hardly hear the meow like other cats, instead they produce a raspy sound. Spotted, rosettes, arrowheads, or marbled coat gives them a very wild look. Large bright blue or green eyes, rounded ears, and prominent facial markings are some other distinct characteristics of this cat breed. Bengal cats come in short haired coat which hardly sheds and need once a week grooming to keep the coat healthy. Bengals weigh between 815 pounds with an average life span of 1016 years.

Burmese Cat

Energetic, playful and friendly, Burmese cats are next in our list of hypoallergenic cats. Burmese like their ancestors have some distinct features like muscular, stockier, heavier and hardy body makes them really beautiful. Golden or yellow eye color with a soulful expression adds to the charm and beauty of this cat. Burmese comes in short haired coat which is silky, glossy and fine with an original rich dark brown standard breed color. Burmese weighs between 810 pounds with an average life span of 1024 years.

Russian Blue Cat

If you are on a quest to own a hypoallergenic cat, Russian blue cat is what you need. Russian blue cat is a lean, intelligent and exquisite looking cat breed. Large, wide, vivid green colored eyes and grey and blue color coat are their unique features. Unicolor, unipattern and one length while produces very little cat protein. Russian blue cat weighs about 415 pounds with an average life span of 1020 years.

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are next in our list of hypoallergenic cat breeds. They are verbose, highly intelligent and the oldest domesticated cats. These cats have long, elongated, slender and muscular body with beautiful almond shaped deep blue eyes. Siamese cats have short glossy fine coat and are believed to produce less cat allergens. Siamese cat weighs about 812 pounds with an average life span of 1115 years.

Sphynx Cat:

Sphynx is a very rare cat breed which is also believed to be one of the hairless breed of cat. Although known as hairless but Sphynx cat has very fine hair. With almost unrecognizable hair, which makes this cat really soft and warm to the touch. Sphynx cat weighs about 612 pounds with an average life span of 814 years.


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