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Hypoallergenic cat !? What is a Balinese Cat. u0026 other breeds that might be hypoallergenic.

Frappe the cat

A Happy New Year !
Frappuccino is a Balinese cat. We got him because of my husband has a terrible cat allergy.

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I am trying to upload the videos everyday.
My channel contents are mainly the daily life of Frappuccino the cat and Coffee bean the mini rex bunny. Sometime the trip with my cat videos and American life style.

Cat profile
Name Frappuccino
Breed Balinese
Color Chocolate Lynx
Sex Male

[Balinese cat : hypoallergenic cat breed]
Frappuccino is Balinese, hypoallergenic cat, who is very affectionate and smart.

Rabbit profile
Name: Coffee Bean
Breed: Mini Rex
Color: Black Otter
Sex: Male

甘茶の音楽工房 (
Peritune (

Music: Christmas Tree
Musician: Rafael Krux


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