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Husky Dog Loves His New Baby Brother + Other Awesome Animal Bros | The Dodo Top 5

The Dodo

To celebrate Brother's Day on May 24th - we're featuring some awesome brothers! For more details on the stories see the description below:

Needy Husky Learns How To Share Her Dad's Attention
You can keep up with Millie and Parker's adorable relationship and all their adventures on YouTube, @milperthusky:

Pug Is The Best Big Brother To His Kitten Sister
For more of these playful siblings, follow them on Instagram:

Guinea Pigs Love Looking Out For Their Baby Sister
Check out these adorable little guinea pigs on Instagram:

Woman Keeps Adopting Lambs
For more of these adorable rescue lambs, check them out on Instagram:

Indian Street Dog Flies To Los Angeles For A New Life
You can keep up with Rumi's progress and all of his adventures on Instagram, @rumi_the_desi:

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