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Human vs Cat Politician


Join Phil, the cat, on his unexpected journey into politics as he navigates through tax troubles and runs for the office of Mayor.

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Credits: Our talented team includes Bennett PollackReeber, Yena Song, Cass Ingram, Nathan Jackson, David Moore, Lance B. Witmer, Aubrey Postier, Benjamin Bond Killam, Shelise Ann Sola, Jason Palmer, Deontae Simpson, Saiydah Burton, Michael Silverio, David Duplechin, Tommy Berretz, Chelsea Henak, Sonia Elsie Leighton, Jonah Ladesic, Matthew Miller, Sharon Wright, Sara Fahmy aka Sara Bailey, Julie Antti, Lauren Elyse Buckley, Sean Jason Williams, Sal Candido, Andrea Kotten, Linh Bui, Alexis Shirley, Anthony DeFeo, Nadja Pantawapirom, Taylor Forte, Bryan, Tassara, Pascal Nagata, Michael Conrad Danheiser, Darrian Greene, Rhys, Lorenzo, Danny Hauger. Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Kevin P. Music by Andrew & Jesse. Sound by Kenji. VFX by Aaron, Natalia, Narendra. Production by Michelle, Micah, Biani, Lorenzo, Monica, Rhys, Clark.

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