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How To Train Your Dragon was based off this one

Sho Ko

I've used some of this footage in several compilation videos but I've never released the full thing without music. I released it on Facebook, but I know many of you don't do Facebook and still want me to post those kinds of things on here. And I just love her kittendragonlizardspider walk.

It's also Tminus 10 days until Shorty's 13th birthday! So I'm releasing some neverbeforeseen footage of our little princess to celebrate.

Many people thought I gave her catnip here but I really didn't. She was just doing as kittens do and living in her own world. But I kinda think no one did "kitten" better than Shorty. And when I saw Toothless in How To Train Your Dragon, I couldn't stop seeing her!

posted by Korumlya05