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How to Tame u0026 Take Care of Your Pet Bird | Parakeet Budgie Compilation

Bird Nuggets

Hi Buddies,

You always see those viral bird videos where owners can pet their bird, make them do tricks, eat vegetables, and get them in and out of their cage without a problem.
Who wouldn't want their pet bird to be so tamed and trusting?
Here is everything you need to know on how to take care of your bird, and make it your best friend!

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0:00 0:32 Intro
0:32 3:32 How to Tame Your budgie
3:34 7:24 4 Ways to Lose Your Bird's Trust
7:28 10:36 How to Get Your Bird Out of the Cage
10:40 13:55 Vegetables & Fruits That Will Kill Your Bird
13:57 16:37 What's Your Bird's Personality
16:39 20:27 How to Make Your Bird Love You
20:28 23:13 How to Clip Your Bird's Nails
23:15 26:00 How to Stop Your Bird From Biting
26:03 29:39 Dangerous Things That Can Hurt Your Bird
29:40 34:27 How to Get Your Bird Eat Veggies & Fruit

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