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How To Start Clicker Training Your Cat

Cat School

Clicker training is an easy way to teach your cat fun and practical behaviours. A clicker is a handheld tool that makes a clicking sound. We teach the cat that one click equals one treat. Then we can use the clicker to pinpoint a behaviour we want to reinforce. For example, if you wanted to teach your cat to high five, you would click as soon as they raise their paw. Now your cat knows that raising their paw is the desired behaviour and they will start to repeat the action. Adult cats and kittens can both learn with clicker training. Start by tossing a treat away and encourage your cat to return to you. When they approach your finger, click and toss another treat away. We are setting the foundation for clicker training by reinforcing your cat for their attention. Once your cat is happy, attentive and eager to work, you are ready to teach your cat other behaviours.

Check out our playlist for new students:

Have fun training!

– Julie and Jones

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➡ The Cat School Toolkit includes all the tools you need to start training your cat:
• A quiet clicker ideal for cats
• A retractable target stick/clicker to make it easy to teach complex behaviors.
• A printed booklet to guide you on your training journey

➡ The Cat School Training program includes the Toolkit PLUS an Online course. This program is purrfect for students who want a training roadmap and support from the teacher, an applied animal behaviourist.

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➡ I only need the tools:
• Amazon (US Only):
• Cat School Website (Worldwide Shipping):

➡ I need a training roadmap and teacher support
Enter the program (Toolkit + Online Course) Use 'SCHOLARSHIP' coupon code to get 10% off:

I'm Julie Posluns, also known as Julie, the Cat Teacher. My mission is to help people enrich their cat's life with clicker training. I am an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist (ACAAB). I love to break complex behaviours into tiny achievable steps and show people how fun and rewarding it is to train their cats. My assistant in the videos is a black cat named Jones, who has a full scholarship to Cat School.

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