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How To Pick Stocks With A High Probability Of Outperformance Without Relying On Tips or Rumours


Join Ed Croft for an introduction to RulesBased Investing & the MarketBeating StockRanks™

(0:13:20) How do we get stock ideas and where private investors go wrong?
(0:20:55) What really pays off and why?
(0:26:54) Highquality data and insights
(0:27:45) The StockRank
(0:30:00) How do you value a company?
(0:34:30) How do you assess quality?
(0:36:00) The momentum rank
(0:38:53) How Quality, Value and Momentum work together
(0:39:44) Performance & hit rate
(0:47:05) The Stockopedia platform
(1:03:40) Subscriber results
(1:07:04) How to get started
(1:09:54) Q&A

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