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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR AS A VOICE OVER| 5 Important Steps You Need To Do to Start Earning Money

Anna Buena

In this video I will show the 5 important steps I took to start making money as Voice Over talent on Fiverr. I have been working on this for awhile now, ever since I released my video HOW TO START YOUR VOICE OVER AT HOME, because I talked about setting up your DIY recording booth so you can submit your demo reel to Fiverr.

Now, I didn’t want to leave you hanging by not doing a follow up on that, so a few months ago, I set up a Fiverr Sellers account to see how hard is it to get gigs and how one can build a profile that will be seen by potential clients.So basically, I tested it out for myself first, so I can report back to you.

A disclaimer first, Fiverr will not make you rich over night.If you are expecting to earn hundreds of dollars right away. You will need to put in some work here and of course, as a voice over talent, you need to have a voice that registers well in recording. So, I am just assuming that you already know the basic requirements for voice overs.

So, if you are ready to start earning money on Fiverr, click on the video and start unpacking these 5 important steps you need to do to start earning money.

After watching this video, you can already start your Voice Over career on Fiverr, by clicking this link:





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It is my hope to share with you everything I know when it comes to being a voice over talent, so you too can pursue and enjoy this wonderful and rewarding career!

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Hey, if we are meeting for the first time, I am Anna Buena, a professional freelance voice over artist for more than 10 years now. I have done TV and radio commercials, Audio Video Presentations, ELearning Video, IVRs and everything in between. I am also a freelance events hosts and an online events host. I was also an English Proficiency teacher for a tutorial school in BGC. But what started this all, was my 12year career in FM RADIO . I was Danielle on MONSTER RX 93.1 from 2001 until 2013.

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